Mgr. Kateryna Panchenko



O své práci říká

I believe that I am a very lucky person. Because what is it if not a huge luck - to find something that can be your passion and profession at the same time? Learning a foreign language is a unique experience, and there is definitely more to it than just vocabulary and grammar. It opens up an entirely new world for you: gives you an insight into other cultures, broadens horizons, boosts memory, soft skills, general knowledge and maybe even provides a better understanding of your own personality! And I am happy to be your giude in this astonishing journey!

Co dělá, když právě neučí:

Since my job involves a lot of communication, in my free time I enjoy my solo hobbies: reading books, riding a bicycle, doing yoga as well as painting and sculpturing. In a way, art is also a language that allows us to create unlimited meanings from limited resources.