Chwngmari Jamatia, M.A.



O své práci říká

Teaching is a beautiful profession; it is a journey of continuous learning both for me as a teacher and for my students. It is a powerful tool to broaden our horizon. Every day, I have the privilege of standing before a group of eager learners and it’s very exciting for me to see my students learning and growing. I love my work and it encourages me even more when I see them enjoy what they learn. As an English teacher, it can’t get more satisfying than this.

Co dělá, když právě neučí:

I get instantly connected with nature and like spending time in an open space in the lapse of nature. I enjoy spending time with my family, love exploring new places and learning about their cultures. In addition, I love cooking, baking and listening to songs. Singing is one of my favourite hobbies.